Why did we create the platform?

The OROTAL company was founded in Switzerland, but operates internationally. We perfectly understand the growing need for data protection and privacy.

Contact with us is a guarantee of security and confidentiality protected by Swiss law. We are the first trading company in the world who have designed our own platform, the OROTAL Blockchain Cryptographic Communicator, which we provide to our contractors.


Cryptology (from the Greek κρυπτός kryptos, “hidden”, and λόγος logos, “reason”, “word”) – a field of knowledge concerning the transfer of information in a manner protected against unauthorized access. Today, cryptology is recognized as a branch of both mathematics and computer science;

Used in diplomacy to ensure IT security.

Features of
proprietary technology

The BCC platform provides secure and confidential exchange of information and documents between us and contractors. We use a decentralized database and unique cryptographic solutions that guarantee full protection of commercial data and all information provided.

We use, among others, the following protocols:

  • key RSA 2048-bit encrypting,
  • SHA-256 hashing
  • elliptic curve cryptography
  • Blockchain.
  • individual infrastructure and cryptographic protocols

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Nowadays, the protection of companies’ commercial data and personal data is the foundation for building long-term relationships based on trust.

Spying by unauthorized third parties, data theft, malware are just a few examples of the threats. For these reasons, we provide technology that protects contractors and our company from threats. We understand better than anybody the meaning of confidentiality and data protection obligations.

Secure exchange
of commercial

The transmission of information and files in the BCC OROTAL platform is done through an individually designed security

infrastructure with multiple looped but unique data encryption in a distributed and decentralized dimension. The user himself decides whether he wants to store documents sent in his account or prefers their automatic liquidation after sending.


Encryption of all data, proprietary cryptographic solutions and decentralized and distributed infrastructure make BCC OROTAL a unique tool and guarantee the security and confidentiality of all our partners.

Infrastructure security has several foundations. It includes not only the exchange of data between the user and the platform but also the exchange of data within the platform and the method of storing information. Our task was to create a technology that even in the event of physical takeover of the platform infrastructure or encryption keys, will not allow data to be read.

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Almost all types of malware can spread via email. It is estimated that as much as 87% of malware goes to computers via email, exposing the user to: baiting, scareware, phishing, spyware viruses, worms and Trojan horses, rootkits and keyloggers. For the sake of confidentiality and security, OROTAL designed and created an innovative BCC platform for communication at the technology level of government agencies.


The technology based on decentralization makes it impossible to determine a target for a potential attack because the system does not have a central server, and there is no centralized storage location.

Thanks to the elliptic curve cryptography and decentralization used, the BCC OROTAL platform is resistant to cyber attacks and breakdowns, ensuring not only security but also system continuity.

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We have designed the BCC platform for sales communications in full data encryption

Confidential and Secure – we are the first trading company in the world to have designed and built our own communication platform based on blockchain technology, in full data encryption. Thanks to the OROTAL Blockchain Cryptographic Communicator we ensure full confidentiality when it comes to inquiries, contracts and transactions.



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