We help the big to grow. We help the small to flourish.

OROTAL’s suppliers are international, regional, national and local companies. We build goodwill on long-term relationships with our contractors, caring for mutual trust and respect.

We recognize critical risks and work together with suppliers to overcome obstacles. We support partners on the path to development, to increase their prospects and expansion of international activities.

We provide
and confidentiality

For our partners, we have become the first trading company in the world to create a proprietary and innovative platform based on blockchain technology and cryptographic encryption of data. We understand the security threats of today’s world, which is why we offer full confidentiality and protection of commercial data at the highest level. OROTAL sets new trends in security.

We purchase, process, transport and offer.

Suppliers are individuals, organizations or companies that provide, sell or offer for hire – a good, product or service. We provide the best purchase conditions – you can rely on us in every situation. Nothing is impossible for OROTAL – the greater the challenge, the greater our motivation to implement it. Our cooperation consists of mutual development and synergy of activities.

OROTAL is looking for suppliers – partners whose activity concerns:

1. Petroleum Products

a. Crude Oil

b. Light Distillates (Gasoline, Naphtha, LPG)

c. Middle Distillates (Diesel, Gas/Heating Oil, Jet Fuel)

d. Heavy Distillates (Fuel Oil)

2. Minerals and Metals

a. Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium)

b. Mineral ores

c. Refined Base Metals (Copper, Aluminium, Zinc, Nickel, Lead, Tin, Cobalt, Molybdenum)

d. Iron Ore

3. Rare Earth Metals

4. Minor Metals

Which form of contact do you prefer?

We have designed the BCC platform for sales communications in full data encryption

Confidential and Secure – we are the first trading company in the world to have designed and built our own communication platform based on blockchain technology, in full data encryption. Thanks to the OROTAL Blockchain Cryptographic Communicator we ensure full confidentiality when it comes to inquiries, contracts and transactions.



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