Minerals are an integral part of humanity. Everything that surrounds us in its original form comes from the Earth. We sell unprocessed natural raw materials, but we also process and prepare them according to specific requirements for the chemical, metallurgical, technical, electrotechnical industries … and above all, for mankind.

Processing of minerals and ores: the example of copper.

  1. (Ore) Copper is mined mainly in the form of bornite/chalcopyrite ore.
  2. Grinding Ore is processed into dust and then enriched in the froth flotation process. The unwanted tailings, called gangue, fall to the bottom and are removed.
  3. Roasting – Enriched ore is roasted at a temperature of 500-700 degrees Celsius to remove sulphur and dry it in the calcination process.
  4. Smelting with fluxes. Ore is heated to 1200 degrees and melted to form a combination of copper and iron sulphide (Matte)
  5. Further matte conversion – by injecting air, a copper blister is formed.
  6. Melting of anodes Copper blisters are melted into anodes.
  7. Electrolytic refining by means of electrolysis a copper cathode with a purity of 99.99% is obtained.

Metal ores and minerals have many uses. They are used to obtain pure metals such as aluminium from bauxite, barium from barite and cobalt from cobaltite. For the electric technology and electric car industries, lithium is acquired from petalite/castorite and spod-umene. Some minerals are used in the production of tiles and roof tiles, the paper and dyeing industry (wollastonite). Others are used in the petrochemical and chemical in-dustries for the production of detergents and fertilizers (e.g. zeolites). Pegmatite is a source of the acquisition of rare elements for technical and electrotechnical purposes. Boron is used in the production of glass and ceramics. Due to the specific purpose and required specification, we acquire and adapt the goods in order to build long-term relationships for both parties.


Coal is an important part of our global commodity portfolio and we focus on conducting profitable business in a responsible, sustainable, safe and efficient manner.

Our coal is used in the power industry, steel production and industrial processes for the production of nickel, aluminium and cement.


Iron ore is the basic raw material used for production of steel and – in combination with steel – is the second largest block of goods, after oil, in terms of value. Annually, over 800 million tonnes of iron ore is produced, while the production of finished steel accounts for 1.2 billion tonnes annually, which emphasizes the importance and connection of both markets. OROTAL acquires concentrations of various proportions to ensure precision in delivery and customer expectations.


Great resistance to high temperatures allows its use in industry. The main application is in nuclear energy production, as a dry lubricant with high resistance, in fireproof products and as reinforcement of composite materials.

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