The basis of our business is responsibility.
This is our highest priority.

Responsibility is the foundation of our business culture. It is the core that defines how we work, what decisions we make and how we interact with clients, suppliers and contractors. Sustainable development and our values are more important than economic efficiency and the pursuit of profit. We act responsibly, always striving to do the right thing … Always. For employees, for the community, for the environment.

16 million new trees from ONE TREE PLANTED - signed agreement with OROTAL

One Tree Planted is an international foundation that plants new trees to help rebuild the green lungs of our planet. In 2019, they received the global Nonprofit Changemaker award (People for the Planet Awards). OROTAL is proud to have signed a partnership agreement to rebuild our planet. We are committed to providing 1% of our profits for forest replantation. For us, our children and future generations.

10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact

When making decisions, we follow the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We share the highest international standards of business activity with our partners. We believe that our organizational culture provides long-term solutions that guarantee sustainable development for us and our partners.


1. Compliance with laws and regulations

Our company works in accordance with the letter of the law and respecting applicable laws. We also protect the rights of contractors, ensuring the confidentiality of transactions – which is why we have created a fully encrypted proprietary platform, OROTAL BCC, ensuring 100% secure communication with us.

2. Political independence

OROTAL, as a company, is not affiliated with any political party. We are an independent trading company, ready to talk to state institutions regarding the development of business activity.

Nevertheless, we respect our employees’ rights to individual political views and making donations.

3. Relationships with contractors and partners

We build business based on long-lasting and strong relationships, thanks to which we can develop. Regardless of the circumstances, we conduct thorough KYC procedures to fully get to know our partners.

In addition, we secure the confidentiality of all commercial inquiries and offers received with the utmost care.

4. Responsible operational activity

In physical trade in goods and the operational process that surrounds them, we pay attention to risks related to the safety of the environment and people. To this end, we use operating infrastructure that meets the highest international standards, from vehicles and ships through mining processes to fuel bases. We implement and apply strict rules of conduct to secure protection of human rights, the community and the environment.

5. Relationships with state officials

OROTAL will always cooperate with the appropriate authorities in every jurisdiction in which it operates, with the highest standards in providing information and observing international law.

All of our relations with government officials are in line with the anti-corruption policy guidelines developed and included in the United Nations Guidelines materials.

6. Concerned about Human Rights

We connect people, their ideas and needs together. The fusion of human lives to develop community and business, proceeds with preservation of individual rights and equality. We respect everyone, regardless of skin colour, origin and views expressed. Health and safety along with the rights of employees, communities and people are the most important values of OROTAL’s activity.

7. Committed to ensuring a flourishing environment.

For the world to be breath-taking with its beauty, each of us must protect it. Thanks to our responsibility, we take care to ensure it can flourish, protecting the environment thanks to the strict rules of the company, which we verify and update on an ongoing basis. The planting of new trees by OROTAL and One Tree Planted, and taking care of the Earth, is not only a duty for us, but also a privilege. Caring for the Earth for us and the next generations is an honour and one of the most important elements of the OROTAL strategy.