With OROTAL you will develop your professional career.

It is not the fuel tanks, road tankers and ships that are responsible for our development. It’s the synergy of our team’s human energy.

We are a Geneva trading company, but our business is truly global. We offer the possibility of a decentralized cooperation option for people who think and act as entrepreneurs. We surround ourselves with passionate people who want to learn and develop to be a leader and creator of their own lives. Working at OROTAL means a certainty of your career flourishing.

We win together, we solve problems together.

OROTAL offers the most attractive professional cooperation among all companies in the industry thanks to a unique incentive program. Our employees in cooperation contracts signed with us receive profits from  transactions performed. OROTAL not only provides attractive remuneration, but also development, a modern work environment and a well-coordinated team of people.

A culture
of diversity

We appreciate a diversity of talents, views, experiences, cultures and choices. With us you can be sure of equal treatment and complete respect and motivation. Let OROTAL appreciate you in every field. As a collaborator and as a human being. Discover with us a new form of human capital building.

People don't work for OROTAL. People work with OROTAL

We believe that we can be above our field thanks to the outstanding people we work with. That is why we pay great attention to the recruitment process, believing that by employing the best of the best we build lasting and indisputable value of our company. We are constantly developing – and we will continue to develop, adapting to the rapidly changing world and rules of the market game.

How badly do you want to get where your eyes cannot see and reach the horizon …

If you share our vision and desire to change the world around us for the better, if you want a job that gives you satisfaction in every field, if you expect an attractive salary that is related to your ingenuity, knowledge and talents – contact us:

[email protected]


  • Master of Arts in International Trading, Commodity Finance and Shipping

  • International Product Scheduler

  • Senior Accountant

DISCLAIMER: OROTAL Commodities Trading SA, 2 rue de l’Ecole-de-Chimie, 1205 Geneva, UID: CHE-264.449.639 will never ask you to send us any funds as part of the recruitment process and will not start an employment relationship without a direct interview. During the recruitment process, we do not use the services of employment agencies or other companies. All employment contact will be made via email [email protected] by employees who use the company email in the orotal.com domain.”