As one of the fastest growing trading companies, we understand perfectly that every market and every customer has individual requirements regarding product specifications and properties. We provide exactly what the customer expects from us. In our day-to-day work, we take on even the most difficult challenges regarding the implementation of orders and the supply of raw materials from every corner of the world.


We acquire raw materials from oil and gas producers as well as mining and quarrying companies, we adapt them to the requirements of refineries, smelters and factories. We supply end users, including state agencies, manufacturers, industrial plants, power plants, retailers and technology companies, with the necessary properly matched and processed products.


It is not without reason that it is called black gold, it powers every sector of the economy and is crucial for the development of the world. After extraction, it is refined into a number of petroleum products used mainly as fuels – including petrol and diesel for cars, jet fuel, heating oil and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as well as for the production of asphalt, waxes and lubricants.


We specialize in obtaining raw materials for further processing and refining, and then we organize logistics channels, optimizing costs to guarantee an attractive price.


Minerals are an integral part of humanity. Everything that surrounds us in its original form comes from the Earth. We sell unprocessed natural raw materials, but we also process and prepare them according to specific requirements for the chemical, metallurgical, technical, electrotechnical industries … and above all, for mankind.

Electronics Industry
Minerals and Metals

The electric vehicle and electronics industry market will grow at a faster than average rate for the next 20 years. Regulatory solutions of European governments, the United States and China, along with falling battery prices, encourage the vehicle industry to establish competitive prices.

Growing market penetration of products and the technological leap will increase the demand for electric vehicles. This increase will have a dramatic impact on companies mining lithium, cobalt and graphite. The supply of associated metals such as copper and high grade nickel  will also increase. OROTAL is participating in this process. The electronics industry gives freedom to explore the world and ensure human mobility, thus raising living standards. Just as Electronic Vehicles and Devices drive the world, so we drive the development of technology by providing the necessary raw materials.

Rare Earth Metals
and Oxides.

Rare earth metals are used in the most dynamically developing fields of high technology industries such as: aviation, space flight, production of cell phones (smartphones), catalysts, X-ray films, high-energy magnetic materials, medicine, LCD screens, LEDs, battery cells, hard disks and engines for hybrid cars.

Human intellect drives the development of technology, which develops the world, making it more accessible and safer. We participate in this development by acquiring and selling rare earth metals. We specialize in, among others, trading of refined scandium.