We are Orotal

We are a global trading company that connects places that are rich in natural resources with customers who are looking for them, no matter where they are.

We are a reliable and solid partner that ensures constant availability and effective logistics of petroleum products, biofuels, minerals and metals from the most distant corners of the world. We operate effectively and dynamically, not afraid of the most difficult challenges. At OROTAL, we always focus on flexibility in relation to customer requirements, reliability and responsibility.

The Name

OROTAL is the Semitic transcription of Allāh ta’āla (Supreme God) and corresponds to the name of a place in the Golan Heights in Israel.

According to the testimony of the Greek historian Herodotus from the fifth century BC, Orotalt was a god before Islamic Arabia, caring for the land and its crops.

Our People,
Our Pride

Our people are our pride, the experts that make up the organisation are our greatest asset. The experience they have gained over the years and brought to Orotal allows us to trade high-quality products at attractive prices. And their intensive work every day gives our clients happiness and satisfaction.

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Mr. Jaroslaw Bronowski obtained the title of Master Degree of Business Administration at the University of Warsaw in 1994. International class businessman. In 1991, he founded the company Horn Distribution SA (horn.eu), which over almost 20 years has become one of the largest distributors and sellers of electronics in Central Europe. In 2013, the founder, co-owner and president of the company Cenospheres Trade & Engineering S.A, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which extracts and processes cenospheres.


Mr. Michel Bussard obtained his Law Degree at the University of Fribourg in 1997 and his Attorney license at the bar of Geneva in 2000. He then acquired 6 years of legal experience working at KPMG. In the next 14 years, Michel Bussard partnered in two renowned Geneva Law firms (Briner & Brunisholz and DGE Avocats). Over his career, Michel has handled complex cases of group restructuring, tax litigation with the Swiss Supreme Court and Swiss Federal Administrative Tribunal (VAT issues, Federal Direct Tax, valuations of companies) and procedures involving shareholders based in various continents. In 2018, he obtained a C.A.S. in Corporate Tax Law. At OROTAL, he is responsible for the ongoing operations of the Company.



we build this every day in our contacts with both customers and business partners

Building relationships

Building relationships

we believe that a business is created by people, which is why we invest our time in building good and long-term relationships



we keep our word, always and everywhere



we adhere to the principle that whoever does not move forward falls back

Our Key Values

The culture of our organisation focuses on preventing discrimination, caring for the highest security and protecting the privacy of the individual.

We want to create long-term relationships with our contractors, believing that the future of the company depends on the people who create it and with whom we cooperate. We are constantly developing, increasing our efficiency and raising the bar higher and higher, reaching further than the eye can see, and embracing the whole world with the soul of our organisation, constantly supporting development, efficiency, transparency ensuring lasting competitiveness in the energy and metal markets.

To ensure security, we are the only trading company in the world who have created a proprietary platform for communication and data exchange, based on blockchain with full cryptographic encryption.

We perfectly understand the need for data protection and privacy, especially when it comes to commercial documents and communications entrusted to us. The Orotal BCC Platform is a guarantee of security and confidentiality, which is protected not only by Swiss law, but also by the latest technological solution. The platform is available to all clients and contractors.

We care about
social responsibility

A better and safer tomorrow, supported by our new definition and vision of trade, resonates through Corporate Social Responsibility, which includes Ethics, Equality, People and the Environment. We are full of concern for people and their rights.

OROTAL always respects people. Appropriate treatment of people and the environment are key aspects that we take into account in conducting our business. We do not accept violations of individual rights set out in the International Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guidelines. Our company will never agree to violate the rights of living beings on our planet. We take full responsibility for who we work with.

We care
about Environmental

As a dynamic and effective trading house, in our activities we do not forget about the environment and our planet – Earth, taking care of the future of our children, grandchildren and the world. That is why we donate part of the profits we make to the One Tree Planted foundation for rebuilding forests, which has already planted over 16 million new trees.