Copper and Industrial raw materials

Industrial raw materials On global markets the demand for industrial metals is at a constantly high level. The economy of individual countries, and in particular of the largest giants, i.e. the USA and China, are recovering from losses after the pandemic threats, and the demand for industrial raw materials is slowly increasing. And although specialists

Crude oil and global development

Crude oil and global development Crude oil is a raw material for which demand has been growing steadily and for decades. It is a global commodity, used on a massive scale in the world, and its price largely shapes the pace of economic development. The price of oil is determined on international markets, and the

Cobalt – “blue gold” in a nutshell

Cobalt, called blue gold, is one of the most important raw materials responsible for the technological leap of the last 20 years. Its wide use and the possibility of combining it with other elements are responsible for the high demand for cobalt on global markets and further use of the mineral, in particular in modern

Congo – natural riches or cursed with resources?

The mining industry is the cornerstone of the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, this extremely resource-rich country has stood over a precipice in recent years. What is the problem with the natural deposits of the heart of Africa? The list of natural resources found in the Democratic Republic of Congo is extremely